Harry Potter stories so much that sweeping the kitchen floor becomes a labour of love when nobody’s looking? If so, you won’t like what I have to say. I hate the Quidditch aspect of the Harry Potter tales. To me it’s irrelevant, boring, diverting and somewhat depressing since it verifies the need of too many people to have sports in their lives and bore me rigid with it.

I hate sports you see. I wormed out of PE at school, I switch the channel over if anything remotely sporty comes on, I doze off if anyone talks about it, I walk out of a pub if there’s a sports broadcast taking place and I grumble profusely if football fans interfere with my ability to get from A to B (not necessarily because I begrudge them their enjoyment, but because they’re always so noisy about it).

In tonight’s movie there’s no Quidditch contest, but it begins with the Quidditch World Cup (yawn) and then moves on to the Triwizard Tournament (groan). Games with balls and broomsticks don’t hit my spot and international championships don’t either. What? The Olympics were this year were they?

Despite the rant, I will be watching this movie tonight. I love the Harry Potter franchise, but this is definitely my least favourite of the films so far because of the sporting emphasis. For me the good versus evil plots and the quirky characters are what makes the Harry Potter stories so enjoyable.

Interestingly, the follow-up film to this – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix– doesn’t feature any Quidditch at all, even though it was in the book. Was this decision was influenced by production budgets or the director’s judgement? Whatever the reason, the fact is that I was very happy when I discovered this. I was hoping that they’d continue the trend but I understand that Quidditch is back for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Oh well, I’ll just doze off when that’s taking place. Now, how much do you know about Harry Potter? Click here to find out.