Hitchcock thriller starring Anthony Perkins is truly a movie classic, and there’s so much trivia surrounding the movie.

Here are my favourite tidbits of Psycho trivia:

1. Hitchcock insisted on an unprecedented ‘no late admission’ policy for this movie because the infamous shower scene occurs so early on.

2. Chocolate syrup was used for the blood in the shower scene because it is denser than stage blood so shows up best on black and white film

3. It’s rumoured that Hitchcock used ice-cold water in the shower scene to help Janet Leigh‘s scream sound as genuine as possible.

Psycho,Janet Leigh

4. A knife was plunged into a melon to create the sound of the knife entering flesh.

5. Hitchcock was originally opposed to having music in the shower scene. Can you believe it?

Psycho,Anthony Perkins

How much do you know about Psycho? Can you better my five trivia bits? Please share.

Psycho is showing tonight in the early hours  – at 2.15am – on ITV1.