Couch Potato Pickings: I should find Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang a real turn off, but I’ve found 8 things to like

Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang, Emma Thompson

Spoilt and unruly kids screaming in their high pitched little voices is my idea of hell. So a film filled with them shouldn’t have any appeal whatsover, but strangely this one does. Here’s why:

  • 1. Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang is a film about a nanny who uses her experience/training/wisdom/magical powers to transform brats into angels. What’s not to like about that? Haven’t you seen Supernanny?

Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang

  • 2. It’s set in 1940s England where Nanny McPhee steps in to helps a wife and mother (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who’s struggling to cope with her farm and unruly kids while her husband is away at war. Being a family film means it’s partially aimed at children and contains a number of very silly, juvenile scenes. But I like the fact that I can overlook these small irirtations thanks to the presence of the wonderful Emma Thompson as Nanny McPhee.

Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang, Emma Thompson

  • 3. As well as starring in this and the first Nanny McPhee film, Emma Thompson wrote the screenplays. Such a talent. She can’t do anything wrong in my eyes (well, apart from that unfortunate sketch show she made in the 80s). She’s one of my favourite actresses, and I particularly love that she’s not too proud to turn herself into a hideous hag for this film, and its prequel.
  • 4. I find it amusing to see the way Nanny McPhee’s ugliness mirrors the ugliness of the kids’ behaviour – fading as the youngsters turn into decent human beings.

Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang

Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rhys Ifans

  • 7. You don’t hear too much about genuine friendships in the world of movies, so I love that Emma Thompson and Maggie Gyllenhall are friends (although you have to laugh at the way Maggie has adopted Emma’s accent for her role in this film).

  • 8. This film is a sequel, but you don’t need to see the first film to appreciate this one. There are rumours and hints that there may be a third sequel.

Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang is showing today – 28th February- on Sky Movies Premiere at 5.30pm, and at various times throughout the week.

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