Couch Potato Pickings | Leonardo DiCaprio’s best film?

I wonder if Leonardo DiCaprio was always destined to become a massive star. Let’s face it, he has two star signs in his name (well, one and a half). That’s got to have some fortuitous influence, no?

Remember this cutey?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo has spent most of his life in front of the camera. He was 15 when he first started out, and just 17 when he hit mainstream attention with his performance in This Boy’s Life. Today, at 35, he has over 20 big movies under his belt, as well as three Academy Award nominations. Acting is clearly in his blood. His latest pic, Inception, is out in cinemas this week. Check out the Inception trailer here.

Do you know your Leonardo DiCaprio movies? Hands off the mouse! How many of these can you identify?

So, how did you do? Do you think one of these is Leo’s best film?

Come back soon because there’s more where these came from, and I’ve yet to tell you which movie I think is Leo’s best.

In the meantime,

Titanic is showing on Film4 tonight at 7.20pm

This Boy’s Life is showing on Film 4 tonight at 11pm.

And, the other Leonardo DiCaprio films above are showing on TV over the next few days too.

Inception comes out at cinemas on Friday.

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