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Loch Ness Terror

When I visited Loch Ness a few years ago, I spent quite a while staring at the water, hoping to spot Nessie. Who doesn’t?

The Loch Ness monster myth is fascinating and perhaps so popular because of the beautiful setting she’s supposed to inhabit. Perhaps it’s all been just a clever fabrication to increase tourism in the area. Take a look at this Nessie site. She’s presented as a friendly monster, hardly a symbol of terror.

Loch Ness Terror

However, it seems that Nessie’s not so amiable in this movie – the title clearly suggests that. Here’s what David Taylor of TV & Satellite Week has to say about it:

This loopy monster movie suggests that the Loch Ness Monster has actually left Scotland and set up home across the Atlantic in a secluded lake in Canada. Which is where cryptozoologist and self-styled monster hunter Brian Krause – he seems to have modelled himself on equal parts of Indiana Jones and the Man With No Name from the Dollars Westerns – turns up with a view to avenging himself on Nessie for eating his dad thirty years earlier. Helping him in his quest is the teenage son (Niall Matter) of the local sheriff (Carrie Genzel), whose uncle has been similarly scoffed. It’s all supremely silly, especially when a whole flock of baby Nessies go on a feeding frenzy, but very grisly and a lot of fun.

Sounds like scary entertainment, but what’s Nessie doing in Canada? Did she fancy a vacation or did she overindulge on the Scotch and end up paddling over the pond in a drunken stupor. All will be revealed no doubt, but I can’t help but feel a little conned already. With a title like Loch Ness Terror, you’d expect the film to be set in Loch Ness, no?