Couch Potato Pickings | Manhattan – Can only Woody play ‘Woody’?

A few days ago Movie Talk’s Jason reviewed Woody Allen’s new movie, Whatever Works, and mused over Larry David‘s performance, pondering ‘perhaps only Woody himself can really play ‘Woody’.’

Whatever Works,Larry David

I’ve still to decide on that, as I haven’t yet seen Whatever Works, but I am buzzing at the idea of Larry doing his cranky smart-ass thing in this new Manhattan-set offering.

Nevertheless, being a rather lazy Couch Potato, I’m craftily curbing that enthusiasm and keeping it in check until this film comes out on DVD/TV (see what I did there?).

In the meantime I’m going to remind myself of the good days when Woody Allen
Manhattan is showing at 11:05pm today 29th June on TCM

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