Couch Potato Pickings | My Best Friend’s Wedding party moment

My Best Friend’s Wedding,Julia Roberts,Rupert Everett

My Best Friend’s Wedding inspired a funny moment a few days ago when I was munching paella and ribs at a friend’s nautically-themed birthday bash.

As soon as the live pianist tickled those synthetic ‘ivories’ with those immediately recognisable opening bars, a group of us diners couldn’t resist replicating that ‘Say a Little Prayer’ scene – arguably the best moment from this Julia Roberts romcom.

This is one of my favourite funny musical moments in film.

It sounds a hoot doesn’t it –  two sea captains, a pirate and a red jellyfish belting out ‘the moment I wake up…’ at the top of their voices. In reality, I strongly suspect that most of the other revellers at that party were saying their own little prayers that we’d hurry up and shut up.

How many other films inspire silly party moments like this I wonder.

My Best Friend’s Wedding is showing on E4 on 11th August at 10pm

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