Couch Potato Pickings | Notting Hill: Who Was Your First Film Star Crush?

Who was your first film star crush?

Julia Roberts

Come on admit it, we’ve all had a crush on a celebrity at some point. I’ve had loads and they certainly don’t stop at adulthood. Those fantasies I have about meeting my superstar flavour of the month are what pass the time on the train when it’s too crowded to read, or when that perpetually tardy friend has kept me waiting yet again.

That’s why I love tonight’s romcom so much. We may not all be bookstore owners like Hugh Grant’s character, but we’ve all used our lively imaginations to visualise that Hollywood star walking into our worlds, haven’t we?

Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant

In the wrong hands this film would of course be a subjective cringe-fest, but thanks to the brilliant screenwriting talents of Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones, Love Actually – all my favourite romantic comedies), it’s witty, endearingly self-mocking and extremely well-observed. It goes without saying that I’m currently looking forward to seeing The Boat That Rocked – penned, directed and produced by Curtis and out on 1st April. Can’t wait.

And if you want to know who my first film star crush was, here’s a clue, but you’ll have to tell me yours first.

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