As a tribute to Patrick Swayze who sadly died on Monday, Sky Movies Action/Thriller have rejigged their schedule today to create a Swayze triple bill.

Next of Kin – at 7pm

This action movie stars Swayze as a hillbilly cop who takes on the Mafia to avenge his younger brother’s murder.

Road House – at 9pm

In this film, Swayze (check out Swayze’s fan club here) plays a saloon bouncer who is employed to clean up a rowdy bar. Things get hairy when he has to confront a sadistic crime boss, and things get sexy when he gets treated by Kelly Lynch‘s Doc.

Uncommon Valor – at 11pm

Swayze plays a drill instructor in this action adventure about a US colonel who leads a team of Vietnam veterans on a search for his missing-in-action son.

By the way, there’ll be even more Swayze movies on TV next weekend, including that big favourite  – Dirty Dancing.