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Jennifer Aniston

In this romantic comedy Jennifer Aniston plays a junior advertising executive who pretends to be engaged to a wedding-videomaker (Jay Mohr) – a man she has met only once – in order to advance her career. But when her colleagues insist on meeting her fiancé, the deception begins to get out of hand.

Jennifer Aniston,Jay Mohr,Kevin Bacon

Sounds fun, but a bit far-fetched… nobody would ever do that in real life, would they?

Jennifer Aniston,Kevin Bacon

Well, actually the premise of this romom isn’t as crazy as it sounds. These sorts of deceptions do happen, and often. I know loads of people whose porky pies to colleagues and bosses could feed a small nation.

Olympia Dukakis,Jennifer Aniston

As for me, I may have dodged a few questions on occasions but I’m pleased to say that I’ve never lied about my personal life in the workplace. What about you?

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