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Rosemary’s Baby: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes

The icicles on  my fingertips have finally thawed and I can type again. It’s been so chilly this week. And, glutton for punishment that I am, I plan to give myself further chills by watching this famous chiller tonight.

Rosemary’s Baby: Mia Farrow

Along with the orignal versions of The Omen and The Wicker Man, this is one of my favourite horror films of all time. All three play on the fears of faith to create their horror so I’m not sure what that says about me for rating them so highly.

Rosemary’s Baby: Mia Farrow   Rosemary’s Baby: Mia Farrow  

Rosemary’s Baby: Mia Farrow

Tonight’s film is another of those cursed movies. Click here

On Film4 tonight at 10.45pm

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