On Channel 4 tonight at 10pm


This franchise about the sadistic game-playing serial killer has certainly got its followers.


Saw V came out at UK cinemas yesterday, so if you like the idea of these twisted psychopath movies then you might want to give this film a try. Channel 4 is also showing Saw II tomorrow at 10pm and you can catch Saw III on Sky Movies Sci-fi/Horror on October 31st at 10.30pm.


I prefer ghosts and witches and the occult to sick and gruesome gore. Anything involving the loss of body parts makes me feel queasy, which is never a pleasant feeling. My Halloween countdown horror film of choice today is actually that John Carpenter shocker – Halloween, but it’s on too late for me. Even if we do gain an hour in the night, I’ll never be able to stay awake to watch it. Ah well.

So instead I’m going to entertain myself today by attempting the hardest level of this horror movie challenge presided over menacingly by Saw’s Tobin Bell. I need to be brave though. Even though I scored quite highly on the easy level quiz, I was not made to feel at all great when I got one wrong…