Couch Potato Pickings | Say It Isn’t Something About Her Dead Body Chuck

Hmm, I was hoping for a good laugh this evening to finish off the weekend but it looks like I’ll have to leave my couch and find something other than the TV to give me the giggles.

It’s not that there aren’t any comedies showing tonight, it’s just that none of them are funny.

There’s Something About Mary  (Sky 1 at 9pm)

There’s nothing about Mary that amuses me. I blame this childish film for the slew of gross-out movies that have emerged over the past decade.

Say It Isn’t So (On Five at 10.25pm)

Yes please say it isn’t so that this dreadful so-called comedy is all that’s on offer. Unfunny and full of bad taste, I can’t stoop that low.

Over Her Dead Body (on Sky Movies Premiere at 8pm)

Silly and vacuous – that’s how I’d describe this daft comedy starring Eva Longoria Parker. It’s yet another tale of someone returning from the dead to wreak havoc. I’m sorry, Ghost, Blithe Spirit, Heaven Can Wait,  they’ve all done it better.  I made the mistake of watching this because various people told me it was funny. It’s not. Will I be watching it again? Over my dead body

Good Luck Chuck (Sky Movies Comedy at 8pm)

Not only unfunny, but also smutty and downright offensive, this hideous romcom should be avoided at all costs. If you’re still determined to check it out then all I can say is good luck, chuck

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