Serendipity,John Cusack,Kate Beckinsale

Serendipity is a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated. So, I decided this morning that if I was meant to write something about Serendipity the film then I’d get a sign of some sort.

Serendipity,Jermey Piven

I thought maybe I’d stumble across a news story about Kate Beckinsale or John Cusack, or spot a pic of Jeremy Piven or John Corbett

Serendipity,John Corbett

Or maybe someone on the train would be reading Love in the Time of Cholera

Maybe I’d hear one of the many songs from the Serendipity soundtrack on the radio…

Or perhaps I’d pay for something and get a defaced note in my change…

Serendipity,Kate Beckinsale, John Cusack

Serendipity is showing today 15th September on BBC3 at 9pm