Logan’s Run,Michael York,Farrah Fawcett,Jenny Agutter,

  • 1. It’s set in a futuristic world where women wear very little and men wear Spandex.
  • 3. If you’re over 30, it makes you feel lucky to be old. Logan’s Run is set in a 23rd-Century strange domed society where citizens aren’t allowed to experience their 31st birthday, and must be ‘renewed’ in a sinister ritualistic ceremony.

Logan’s Run

  • 4. This movie demonstrates the cycical nature of fashion. As you can see, the 1970s Farrah Fawcett do has clearly experienced a renaissance in the 23rd Century.

Logan’s Run, Farrah Fawcet

  • 5. York plays Logan 5, a sandman. A sandman’s job is to enforce the law by terminating citizens who try to live longer than 30. However, when he’s sent on a mission to destroy Sanctuary (the place to which ‘Runners’ escape), he becomes a Runner himself. Agutter plays Jessica 6, who joins Logan on his mission.

Logan’s Run,Jenny Agutter, Michael York

Logan’s Run is showing on Film 4 today 3rd September at 6.35pm