She’s the Man, Vinnie Jones

It’s easy to forget that this gender-swapping teen romcom stars that hugely popular Celebrity Big Bro contestant Vinnie Jones as a football coach. His is not a huge part, after all.

But, the film is worth checking out. Here’s the plot: teenager Viola (Amanda Bynes) dresses up as her twin brother Sebastian to take his place at boarding school while he runs off to London. But things get complicated when she gets the hots for her brother’s roommate Duke (Channing Tatum), especially since he has a massive crush on the gorgeous Olivia (Laura Ramsey), who happens to have fallen in love with Viola in her guise as Sebastian.

It’s one of the better high school comedies out there, and based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night don’t you know.

She’d the Man

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She’s the Man is showing on Film4 tonight (21st January) at 9pm

If you’re addicted to Celebrity Big Brother 2010, click here. I’m loving Stephanie Beacham. Fourteen months ago, I placed her at number Six in my Top Ten Sexy Sirens over 60. Now, I’m thinking that’s far too low. What with Meryl Streep turning 60 last year too, I believe the time has come to revise that list.