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Sky Kids

If, like me, you’re taking a staycation this year, then I’m full of admiration. Enjoy your break. Personally, I’ve been staycationing (in the sense of holidaying in the UK) for years. The country’s so varied – every region, every county is different from the other. I don’t feel the need to travel further afield.

But, I’m well aware that financial restraints are keeping Brits at home this year, and if that affects you and you’re feeling sad about your lack of sun and sand, then maybe watching this film about two kids who stowaway on a plane and end up flying the aircraft when the pilot bails out will at least make you glad you’re not jetting anywhere.

Sky Kids

I’m afraid I’ve no idea if the film is any good and I won’t be watching it myself because my staycation begins today!

And this year I’m staycationing in the literal sense  because I’m staying at hotel Chez Moi and going sightseeing on my doorstep. OK, living in London makes it easy to find things to do that you’ve never done before but I’m sure that with a little imagination and loads of research anyone could create a three-day sightseeing itinerary for their immediate area. Agree?

Anyway, I’m leaving my couch now and heading out, but before I do, I must tell you that my itinerary includes loads of movie locations and other film-related stuff, so come back to Movie Talk next week when I’ll be sharing Couch Potato’s Staycation Diary – The Movie-Lovers’ London Tour.

Sky Kids is showing on Sky Movies Premiere today at 12.30pm, and at various times througout the week.

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