Couch Potato Pickings | Snakes on a Plane, and phobias

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Snakes on a Plane

OK, I know I’ve picked this film before, but since I’ve recently been talking with friends about phobias, I couldn’t resist the chance to mention this movie’s ophidiophobia and aerophobia double whammy.

Fears of Snakes and planes are relatively common, and understandable in many ways, but some of the things that terrify us really are quite obscure, so much so that every film probably triggers irrational dread in someone somewhere. To give you an idea of how random and diverse our phobias are, I’ve collaborated the assorted bag of those suffered by my friends and I, and this is the resulting movie:

Snakes and spiders on a plane piloted by a clown in a red raincoat carrying a childcatcher’s net, with a Phil Collins soundtrack.

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