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Michael J Fox

In the wake of last weekend’s full moon it seems to have become a week of wolves with this, the second lycanthropic movie hitting the small screen within days.

Teen Wolf was made before Back to the Future, but after Michael J Fox’s time-travelling adventure stormed box offices here and across the pond it was wheeled out to ride on Fox’s coattails… or should that be Fox’s fox tail?

Anyway, it worked for me. I enjoyed it back then, being a teen and the film’s target audience. It’s basically the story of a high school kid who discovers he’s a werewolf and uses the condition to realise his dreams of becoming the school’s star basketball player. It’s entertaining and Fox’s transformations into a wolf add loads of exciting fun.

The question I always ask myself though when revisiting this movie is; why did it have to be basketball? Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate for the diminutive Fox to have baseball or soccer-related aspirations?

Michael J Fox

Well, apparently not. I read somewhere – but I don’t know how true it is – that the producers were so keen for the sport to be basketball that they chose only actors of Fox’s height when casting the other basketball team members. How considerate.

Showing today on Sky Movies Modern Greats at 6.15pm

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