On Film4 tonight at 7.05pm

I’m very excited about tonight’s movie because Angelica Hustons’ Morticia is currently top of the list on my potential Halloween costumes this year. Click here to see the ones I’ve already been considering.

Angelica Huston

I’m hoping that seeing Angelica in this movie will cement my decision, but just in case she puts me off, I’ve compiled a new list as back-up:

Elsa Lanchester

Achieving the black & white effect might be tricky

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Robert De Niro

There’s bound to be someone who’ll refer to me as Frankenstein, and that’s bound to bring about a reaction like this.

Anthony Hopkins

A straw will solve the drinking problem, but don’t fancy eating sausage rolls with that on.

Night of the Living Dead

Might get jaw-ache doing that all night

Robert Helpmann

Too scary.