Couch Potato Pickings – The Michael Jackson Story: what do you think of this biographical telefilm?

Did anyone else see the The Michael Jackson Story on Movies 24 last night? I wasn’t intending to watch it, but after stumbling upon it in an attempt to escape all the other King of Pop programming I couldn’t quite pull myself away. It’s a potted history, charting the extreme highs and extreme lows of Jacko’s life up until 2004 and it features none of the star’s music.

I watched this telefilm a few years ago, dismissed it as an OK TV movie portrayal of a very disturbed individual and never imagined myself revisiting it. But, in the wake of Michael’s death, the film seemed to shed a new light on this star’s life, highlighting his dependency on drugs, flagging his stressful battle for acceptance and, as I watched it, I was shocked to realise how obvious it was that the King of Pop was a man heading for a premature death.

What do you think of this TV biopic? Is it a sensitive and moving portrayal of a misunderstood man, or a harsh expose of a manipulative narcissist?