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Type fava beans in to Google and you’ll see that more often than not The Silence of the Lambs comes up too. This innocent veg (better known as the broad bean over here) will now forever be associated with cannibalism, thanks to this infamous line from Anthony Hopkins‘s Hannibal Lecter:


So, with that in mind, I’ve compiled a selection of fava bean recipes for you. Whether or not you choose to serve them up with Chianti and liver (non-human, I hope) is entirely your choice.

Warning: some people are allergic to these beans, so don’t eat too many if you’ve not had them before.

Do yourself a fava

How’s yer fava

Sexual favas

Sins of the favas

So near and yet so fava

Curry fava

Party favas

If you miss this movie tonight, it’s on again tomorrow at 10.30pm.