Couch Potato Pickings | Transsiberian, and some other snow-set movies

No, these are not some personal snaps of mine from the past few weeks. These are images from the gripping thriller Transsiberian. It’s the tale of an American couple (Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer) who are travelling on the Trans-Siberian Express when they are befriended by another pair of travellers (Eduardo Noriega and Kate Mara). Strange and sinister things start happening after they strike up this friendship, and the frosty train staff don’t make the situation any easier.

Hardly a great ad for the inter-continental railway line, this chilling and chilly movie, which also stars Ben Kingsley, tells a frightening tale, and tells it well. The film’s snowscapes are beautiful, but the coldness of this movie is not only visible, it’s almost tangible. It’s definitely full of thrills for you to enjoy at home with a faithful hot water bottle, but probably not one to check out on your portable DVD player while on the commuter train home.

To get you in the mood, here’s a gallery of some other snow-set movies to make you really glad that you had that boiler serviced.

Transsiberian is showing on Sky Movies Premiere today (15th January) at 5.30pm

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