Couch Potato’s Action Agony (and a Michael Jackson moment)

I don’t like action movies for three key reasons:

1.    They glamourize violence.
2.    They don’t stimulate thought or imagination.
3.    They threaten the future of the screenwriter by relying on fast-paced spectacle at the expense of narrative.

Hmm, controversial I know. I’m sure loads of you strongly disagree, and if that’s you then you’re in luck. Fire the remote at the TV tonight and you’ll be guaranteed to see on screen explosions galore.

ITV1 gets explosive at 10.15pm with Lethal Weapon 3.

ITV2 delivers glossy action thrills with Tom Cruise on at 11.10pm in Mission: Impossible.

There’s bloodsucking action on Five USA at 9pm with Blade .

Sci-fi presents road racing thrills at 9pm with the The Fast and the Furious.

More sci-fi comedy than action, but not my cup of tea nevertheless, G.O.L.D’s Men in Black double bill will see plenty of people tuning in to see Michael Jackson’s brief appearance in Men in Black II at 9.50pm. The first Men in Black film starts at 8pm.

With the TV schedule rammed with all these high-speed car chases, explosions, guns and other lethal weapons, I’m feeling extremely relived that I’m going out.

Where am I going?

Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you.

More Michael Jackson movie moments can be found on Five today at 1.35pm. The channel have changed their schedule to pay tribute to the King of Pop with his 1988 musical fantasy Moonwalker.

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