Couch Potato’s Country Pickin’s for Mother’s Day – The Year Dolly Parton was my Mom

It’s an exciting week ahead for country music lovers like me. Not only is there another episode of the fabulous TV series Nashville on Thursday and a big country music festival (Country to Country) this coming weekend at London’s 02, but tomorrow a lovely film with a Dolly Parton theme becomes available to download.

And let’s face it, if you like country music, you’ve got to like Dolly Parton. She represents everything great about this music genre, in addition to crossover pop, 9 to 5 the Musical, 9 to 5 the film, numerous other movie roles, the Imagination Library literacy scheme, theme park Dollywood, big blonde wigs, big boob jokes, a cookbook, a children’s book, an inspirational book, and so much more. She is basically, as far as I’m concerned, the patron saint of everything good in the world.

And I know I’m not alone thinking that. Dolly Parton is a role model – adored by many. And it’s this wide-reaching appeal that apparently inspired Canadian writer/director Tara Johns to place her at the heart of her movie The Year Dolly Parton was My Mom.

Set in 1976, it’s a really cute story about an 11-year-old girl who finds out she’s adopted, convinces herself that Dolly is her birth mum, and runs away from home to try and meet her.

Packed with 70s Dolly imagery, original Dolly songs, Dolly song covers, and a fabulous Dolly voice cameo, The Year Dolly Parton was My Mom
The Year Dolly Parton was my Mom is available to download from the Peccadillo Player and iTunes from tomorrow 11th March.         

This film will be released on DVD in May.

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