Couch Potato’s DVD Pickings: Free Fall – a German Brokeback mountain


An intense and unforgiving portrayal of raw irrepressible desire, Free Fall is the tale of two German police officers who fall in love while training together. As their mutual attraction grows, the pair embark on a steamy affair, causing their lives and the lives of their families to spin wildly out of control.


It’s a powerful and passionate film, and, based on the above description, it will probably come as no surprise that this has been widely hailed as a German Brokeback Mountain. However, this Brokeback analogy does have a warning bell attached to it – the story’s not original. And, no matter how well told and well acted this film may be (and it is), you do have a constant feeling that you’ve seen it all somewhere before.

Nevertheless, director Stephan Lacant deserves praise for adopting his hard-hitting approach to this tale, and for exploring the sometimes devastating consequences of falling in love so believably. Similarly, stars Hanno Koffler and Max Riemelt must be commended for their solid and engaging performances. It’s also significant that these two leads are both very handsome because this will certainly be a selling point for this film’s target audience.

Free Fall is released in DVD by Peccadillo Pictures on 27th January.

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