Couch Potato’s eight short notes about Amadeus


1. Big wigs abound in this 1984 movie adaptation of popular stage play Amadeus, set in 18th-century Vienna.

Amadeus, F Murray Abraham

2. It’s the tale of the bitter and twisted court composer Antonio Salieri (F Murray Abraham) and his battle of wills with the brattish genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce).

Amadeus, Tom Hulce
Kenneth Branagh was originally considered for the Mozart role, and Mel Gibson, Mick Jagger and Tim Curry also auditioned for the part.

5. Pre-recorded music was played on set as scenes were filmed, but that doesn’t mean that keys were hit at random by Tom Hulce as he tinkled those ivories. No, Hulce practised the piano for four hours a day apparently, so every note matches what you see on screen. Top music professors have studied the film and they’ve verified its visual accuracy, so there you have it.

6. To portray Mozart’s histrionic character, Hulce reportedly studied footage of Jon McEnroe
Amadeus was nominated for an amazing 54 awards. It bagged a fabulous 40, and that includes an impressive octet of Oscars.

Amadeus, Tom Hulce

8. This movie’s best legacy though of course is the 80s Europop masterpiece it inspired – Rock Me Amadeus by the late Austrian popstar Falco.

Amadeus is showing today, 1st September, on Film 4 at 9pm

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