Brokeback Mountain, Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal

Yesterday I looked at the biggest Best Actress robbery from Oscar history. Today it’s the turn of the Best Film category.

The crime was committed in 2006. And the victim was Brokeback Mountain when the trophy was handed out to Crash.

Just saying that sentence brings on the urge to grab that cowboy hat, pull on those cowboy boots and jump on to my high horse and gallop away wildly with my passionate views on this subject, but I’m concentrating all my efforts on restraining myself. I’ve done it before you see (it’s one of my favourite rants funnily enough).

Check out what I think here:

Brokeback Mountain – should this film have won the best picture Oscar?

Crash – Did it deserve that Best Picture Oscar?

Brokeback Mountain is showing tonight – 4th February – on More 4 at 9pm

Crash is showing tomorrow 5th February on Sky Modern Greats at 12.10pm & 8pm

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