Couch Potato takes a lukewarm look at a handful of World Cup movies

Sixty Six, Gregg Sulkin

World Cup fever seems to have affected everyone. But, I remain immune.

I can’t stand football. So you won’t see me watching any matches. I’d rather poke myself in the eyes with freshly chopped chillies while listening to the entire Phil Collins’ back catalogue.

But anyway, I’ve decided to put my personal dislikes aside and take a look at a handful of movies about World Cup fever through the years. Isn’t that nice of me?

World Cup 1950

The Game of Their Lives (2005) starring Gerard Butler is based on a true story.  At the 1950 World Cup tournament, the US football team shocked the world when they defeated the bookies’ favourite – England.

World Cup 1966

Sixty Six,Gregg Sulkin, Helena Bonham Carter

In Sixty Six (2005) it is 1966 and England is hosting the World Cup. But 12-year-old Jewish boy Bernie is not happy. His Bar Mitzvah has been scheduled for the same day as the final.

World Cup 1998
The Cup (1999), a pair of teenage Buddhist monks in the Himalayas set out to obtain a TV for their monastery so that they can watch the 1998 World Cup Final.

World Cup 2002
The Great Match (2006) three remote tribal communities from Mongolia, the Sahara and the Amazon jungle are all desperate to see the 2002 World Cup final.

World Cup 2006

Goal! 3: Taking on the World, Leo Gregory

Goal! and Goal! 2 were about the rising fortunes of a talented Mexican footballer. Goal! 3: Taking on the World (2009) sees this Hispanic footy hero pitted against his Real Madrid team mates and best friends in the 2006 World Cup.

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Oh, by the way, I’ve been cajoled into entering two sweepstakes. Are Portugal or Germany any good?

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