Couch Potato’s Country Pickin’s: The 1978 country track by Eddie Rabbit was the title song for which movie?

It may be Valentine’s night tonight, but I’m not bothering with that. My evening is going to have a country music theme.

Predictably I got totally hooked on Nashville last week so that’s definitely on the agenda for 10pm, but to get into the mood I’ll be watching the 1978 Clint Eastwood movie Every Which Way But Loose on ITV4 first.

The story of a trucker pursuing a country singer across the American southwest, this movie is packed with country tracks, including the fab 70s-sounding title track by Eddie Rabbit.
Every Which Way But Loose is showing tonight – Thursday 14th February – on ITV4 at 7.45pm

Nashville is showing on More 4 at 10pm

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