In this movie’s opening scene, a teenager knocks down the contents of an entire display rack in his attempt to purchase a gay mag without his parents seeing. Despite this disaster, he still manages to snaffle it into his bag discreetly. All is fine, until this young man’s vacationing family get to border control and the officials decide to search their car, threatening to expose his little secret.

It’s just one of the brilliantly observed comic moments in this cross-cultural tale. Set in Cologne, it’s the tale of 19-year-old German-Montenegrin boy Sasha (Sascha Kekez) who finds it increasingly impossible to hide his burgeoning sexuality from his homophobic parents.

The problem is that he also has a massive crush on his handsome – and gay – piano teacher Gebhard Weber (Tim Bergmann). And when he learns that said teach is leaving to find fame in Austria just days before an important audition, Sasha is pushed over the edge.

So he decides to confide in best friend Jiao (Yvonne Yung Hee) totally unaware that  she is madly in love with him. With emotions fraying left, right and centre, it’s no surprise when Sasha then botches his big audition. With everything falling apart around him, Sasha  decides he has nothing to lose by declaring his feelings to sexy Gebhard, causing events to race to a dramatic climax.

Don’t be put off by the fact that this movie is a coming out tale. This one isn’t a heavy angst-ridden, issue-based whingeathon of a gay movie. It’s actually a very accessible coming-of-age flick which gently mocks its subject throughout, even in moments of high drama.

Supported by its lively soundtrack of classical and modern music and memorable array of colourful characters, director Dennis Todorovic‘s Sasha takes an entertaining poke at universal themes like pushy parents, destructive cultural divides, secret desire and the ridiculous complexities of family relationships.

Balancing powerful drama with some brilliantly-observed comic moments, this movie is guaranteed to entertain throughout – producing as many gasps and shrieks as chuckles and titters along the way

Sasha is released on DVD on Monday 30th January

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