Couch Potato’s Tuesday Teaser: Why the title 21 Grams?

In tragic psychological drama 21 Grams, the lives of a terminally ill maths professor, a former drug addict turned suburban mother, and a reformed ex-con become intertwined in the wake of a terrible car crash.

But why the title 21 Grams?

Well, apparently, in the early 20th century, a physician –  Dr Duncan MacDougall – attempted to prove the existence of the human soul by recording a small loss in body weight immediately following a person’s death. The 21 grams was the weight loss recorded from the death of his first test subject.

While intriguing, MacDougall’s work didn’t have enough clout. The results of his research varied too much to be recognised by the scientific community.

21 Grams is showing tonight – Tuesday 6th December – on Film 4 at 11.45pm

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