Logan’s Run – that post-apocalyptic adventure from 1976 – tells the tale of a group of citizens living in a hedonistic society which only allows them to live until the age of 30.

Every person in this place has a life clock on their hand. At birth, these start out clear, turning yellow at the age of eight, green at 16, and red at 23. As Lastday – the dreaded age 30 – approaches, the life clocks flash red and black. And, when Lastday arrives they turn totally black.

The irony is that three of this film’s main stars – Michael York who plays Sandman-turned-Runner Logan 5, Richard Jordan who plays his friend Francis 7, and Michael Anderson Jr as sinister surgeon Doc – were all over 30 when the film was made.

Logan’s Run is showing tonight – Tuesday 24th January – on Film 4 at 6.45pm

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