Couch Potato’s Tuesday Trivia: Parenthood – this Steve Martin comedy spawned two TV shows

Parenthood, Steve Martin

You probably know that the TV series Parenthood starring Craig T Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia is based on this 1989 comedy drama about American family angst. Parenthood the movie focuses on three sets of parents who grapple with the trials and tribulations of child-rearing, and stars Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen, as well as a young Joaquin Phoenix (back when he was calling himself Leaf).

However, did you know that this film also spawned a much earlier Parenthood TV series in 1990? It’s understandable if you didn’t since the show was such a critical disaster that it was promptly cancelled.

However, that flop of a series starred a handful of then unknown child actors. Their names were David Arquette, Thora Birch and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Parenthood is showing today – 26th April – on ITV1 at 10.35pm

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