Couch Potato’s Tuesday Trivia: Sabrina and a Best Costume Design Oscar controversy

Style icon Audrey Hepburn looks truly lovely in the 1954 movie Sabrina, but lighting up the screen with her glamour and beauty didn’t happen without some feathers getting ruffled in the process.

Apparently, you see, Audrey felt that she needed a genuine Paris wardrobe for Sabrina’s transformation from insecure girl to sophisticated Paris-educated woman in this film.

So, she flew to the French capital to purchase some designer clobber from Christian Dior‘s protegé Hubert de Givenchy and returned with an eye-catching collection which suited her perfectly.

Unfortunately though, the story goes that movie’s official costume designer Edith Head wasn’t too impressed by Hepburn’s decision to seek costume input from the French designer.  She apparently refused to have her name alongside Givenchy‘s in the credits and, as a result, it’s only Head‘s name up there on screen.

And, when the film won an Oscar for Best Costume Design, it was therefore Head that accepted the trophy, even though some might say it was Audrey‘s glamorous embodiment of Givenchy‘s creations that had been responsible for securing the gong.

Well, that’s one side of the story anyway.  You should also read this interview with Edith Head before deciding what to believe.

Sabrina is showing today – 6th September – on Film 4 at 4.45pm

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