Couch Potato’s Tuesday Trivia: Son of the Mask – a Carreyless sequel

Jim Carrey, the star of 1994 comedy fantasy blockbuster The Mask, does not appear in this film’s disappointing 2004 sequel Son of the Mask.

And it’s not the only Carrey film sequel to go ahead without involvement from the rubber-faced star. Think Dumb and Dumber sequel Dumb and Dumberer, Bruce Almighty sequel Evan Almighty, and Ace Ventura Pet Detective sequel Ace Ventura Jr.

So, does Jim Carrey have a debilitating sequel phobia? Could he be fearing the repercussions of a sinister voodoo curse? Is there some complex contractual issue? Or, is this all mere coincidence?

Anyone know?

Son of the Mask is showing today – Tuesday 18th October – on Film 4 at 7.10pm

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