Couch Potato’s Tuesday Trivia: Ten things about birthday girl Doris Day

  1. It’s Doris Day‘s birthday today. She’s either 88 or 90. Nobody seems to know for certain.
  2. Marlon Brando was also born on this day – in 1924.
  3. Doris married 4 times.
  4. Doris had one son – Terry. Her 3rd husband Martin Melcher adopted him when a child and the boy took Melcher’s name.
  5. When Doris made the film Young at Heart with Frank Sinatra in 1954, Ol’  Blue Eyes took an almost immediate dislike to her hubby Martin Melcher. He believed that the man was using Day to get ahead in the movie industry and tried to convince her of that. When Doris refused to listen to Sinatra‘s advice, he had Melcher banned from the set.
  6. When Martin Melcher died in 1968, Day discovered that he had mismanaged  $20 million of her money – all the money she’d earned during her 20 year film career. Seemingly Sinatra‘s instinct had been spot on.
  7. Doris’s son Terry Melcher rented the infamous house at 10050 Cielo Drive in Bel Air, California where Sharon Tate and friends were murdered by the Manson Family. A music producer and composer with connections, Melcher had  actually shown interest in Charles Manson‘s music but after further consideration, had decided not to sign him. Not long after this he moved out of Cielo Drive. In the lead up to the infamous murders in August 1969, Manson visited the house looking for Melcher but was told he’d moved on. Following the attacks, rumours spread like wildfire that they were linked to Manson’s anger over Melcher‘s rejection – a theory that the police subsequently discounted.
  8. Doris Day is a Republican and Christian Scientist.
  9. She’s also an Animal rights activist and (unsurprisingly) a vegetarian.
  10. Day is referenced in countless songs, including Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Billy Joel’s We Didn`t Start The Fire, The Beatles’  Dig It , Wrap Her Up by Elton John and George Michael, Life Is a Rock But the Radio Rolled Me by Reunion, Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee from Grease, Ringo Starr’s  La De Da, and Dirty Epic by Underworld.

Sky Movies Classics are showing two Doris Day films today – Tuesday 3rd April: Teacher’s Pet at 4.55pm and Young at Heart at 7pm

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