Couch Potato’s Tuesday Trivia: Titanic and a grave matter

In 1997, the release of Titanic saw a sudden surge in popularity for one particular grave in Titanic burial ground Fairview Cemetary in Halifax, Novia Scotia.

The plot getting all the attention was the grave of Titanic victim J Dawson.

Fans of the film – assuming that the J stood for Jack – jumped to the conclusion that Leonardo Di Caprio‘s character Jack Dawson was based on a real person, and that this was where he’d been laid to rest.

However, the truth is that the Halifax grave actually belongs to a Joseph Dawson who had no connection whatsoever to Di Caprio’s Jack – since the 20-year-old penniless artist was totally born out of James Cameron‘s imagination.

Titanic is showing tonight – Tuesday 20th September – on Film 4 at 9pm

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