Couch Potato’s Tuesday Trivia – Walk the Line and Johnny Cash’s favourite film

WALK THE LINE, Joaquin Phoenix

While making the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line, director and co-writer James Mangold had numerous conversations with the troubled country star to get inside his head and understand what it was that haunted him throughout his life.

Apparently, during one of the last conversations he had with Cash on the phone, Mangold asked the singer what his favourite film was.

The original Frankenstein was Cash’s answer.

When Mangold pressed him for the reasons why Frankenstein was his favourite, Johnny Cash explained that it was because Frankenstein is a story about a man who’s made up of all these bad parts and yet, against his nature, still fights to do something decent.

It’s how Cash viewed himself.

Walk the Line is showing tonight – 7th June – on Film 4 at 9pm

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