I’m actually not going to watch any Halloween movies today as I’ll be heading out in my seasonal costume to celebrate this spooky date. And, to be honest, it’s just as well. There are plenty of scary films showing today, but very few are ones I’d want to see. Here’s the list:

Halloween II: This disappointing sequel to the 1978 classic shocker is showing on BBC1 at 12.40am.

Harlequin: An Australian horror thriller about a sinister faith healer, this is showing on BBC2 at 2.05am.

When Good Ghouls Go Bad: Can someone tell me why ITV1 have chosen to show this children’s horror comedy at 2.15am?

Cabin Fever: E4 is showing this horror thriller about vacationing college friends fighting a flesh-eating virus at 10.35pm.

Bitten: This so-so vampire comedy is on at 12midnight on Sky3.

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2: I don’t understand why the splendidly creepy Blair Witch Project isn’t showing tonight. Instead ITV4 is showing this highly disappointing unscary sequel. It’s on at 10.35pm, if you’re interested.

The People Under the Stairs: Sinister things in the cellar provide the chills in this horror movie from Wes Craven. Sci-fi is showing it at 11.30pm.

Scary Movie 3: The Ring, Signs, The Sixth Sense and The Others are all parodied in this Horror spoof sequel on Watch at 11.15pm.

Black Christmas: Not a great remake of the 1974 slasher movie. It’s on Sky Movies Sci-fi/Horror at 9pm.

Saw III: If you watched the first two movies from this franchise on Channel 4 earlier his week then you’ll be keen to see this third installment on Sky Movies Sci-fi/Horror at 10.30pm. It’s too sick for my liking.

Dead Silence: Sky Movies Sci-fi/Horror presents more horror from the makers of Saw in the form of a possessed ventriloquist’s dummy at 12.30am.

The Birds: Hitchock’s twittering horror is showing on Sky Movies Classics at 9pm.

Psycho: Mother isn’t quite herself today. On Sky Movies Classics at 11.05pm

The Innocents: This classic adaptation of Henry James’s ghost story The Turn of the Screw is showing on Sky Movies Classics at 12.55am.

Ravenous: Sky Movies Indie is showing this dark horror comedy at 10pm about a cannibal running amok in a remote 19th-century military outpost in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Poltergeist: A warning to all couch potatoes to never leave your TV on at night. On TCM at 9pm

The Exorcist: This classic occult horror chiller about a demonically possessed kid would be the one I’d choose to watch with friends if I were staying in tonight. It has plenty of scares to offer but it’s been parodied so often that it’s also a great one to rip apart. It’s on TCM at 11.05pm.

The Hunger: Sizzlingly sexy vampire film starring Catherine Deneuve. It’s on TCM at 1.20am.

Halloween Night: The title may be appropriate but there are better films than this slasher movie to catch tonight. However, it’s showing on Zone Horror at 9pm.

Monster Man: You can catch this rather poor horror comedy on Zone Horror at 10.55pm.

Severed: You were wondering where the zombies are today? Well, Zone Horror has them in this movie at 12.50am.

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie: It’s Halloween in the Hundred Acre Wood on Disney Cinemagic at 5pm.


In your opinion, what is the best movie for Halloween viewing?

For me, it has to be Halloween III: The Season of the Witch