Countryfile viewers disgusted by intensive dairy farming feature on the BBC One show

Countryfile viewers are up in arms over a feature on Sunday’s episode which highlighted intensive dairy farming.

Many of Britain’s dairy farmers are struggling to make ends meet because of falling milk prices.

Reporter Charlotte Smith asked if large indoor dairy herds were a more efficient way of making money from milk, and whether the British public would support them.

Viewers unhappy about a Countryfile feature

Many viewers were unhappy about a Countryfile feature (BBC)


She visited one farm where the cows rarely went outside to graze.

Farmer Neil Baker, one of the first to utilise intensive dairy farming, defended the practice. He said he has 1,700 cows who are mainly housed indoors.

“I personally think my cows are happy,” he told Charlotte. He stressed that the health of the cows, their veterinary care and their well-being are among his main concerns.

Countryfile presenter Matt Baker

Countryfile presenter Matt Baker (Oliver Edwards/BBC)


The hugely successful BBC One show, presented by Matt Baker, Ellie Harrison, Adam Henson, Tom Heap and John Craven, regularly attracts seven million viewers.

However, some of those watching were upset and angry at this method of farming and they expressed their dismay on Twitter.


Countryfile viewers blast indoor farming







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