Courteney Cox says UK viewers shouldn’t be ’embarrassed’ to watch her new show Cougar Town.

The former Friends star’s series will screen on Living at the end of March and she said people shouldn’t be put off by the title, which refers to older women who chase younger men.

The actress laughed: “I think guys don’t like the saying Cougar Town, but once they get past that they’re digging it! You can’t be embarrassed about the title, you’ve just got to jump in.”

For UK viewers, who haven’t seen Cougar Town yet, Courteney explained: “The show is about a woman called Jules, her son and friends, and how she’s just starting back in the world [after a divorce] and just trying to figure it out.

“The pilot is a lot of information, it’s a fast-paced pilot, but it slows down and becomes more heartfelt as the show goes. We find our stride and I’d say stick with it because it’s amazing, it’s really fun.”

The show has been recommissioned for a second series in the United States.

“It’s a huge relief, but it doesn’t take off the pressure,” said Courteney. “If they’re going to be so wonderful and have such faith in us then I really want to deliver. So not for my personality does it take the pressure off, for others maybe!”

The actress also revealed she was set to make another Scream movie soon. “Yeah I’m doing it, it’s going to be fun!”