Courteney Cox-Arquette has confessed she felt terrified about turning 45.

The Friends star told Reveal magazine: “Ageing is hard and it just gets harder. I don’t remember anything about turning 40 at all, because I had just given birth to my daughter Coco and I couldn’t believe I had a kid.

“Let me tell you – what was hard though – turning 45. That one struck a nerve.”

Courteney is currently starring in new Living series Cougar Town, which she and husband David Arquette, 38, co-produce, about a divorced mother of a teenage boy who’s labelled a cougar for dating younger men, and is shown in some scenes wobbling her bingo wings and squeezing her ‘flabby bits’.

She said: “That’s me and yeah, that’s way gross. I’ve probably worked out harder since that scene!”

Courteney said she enjoyed yoga, but insisted she didn’t have the willpower for a fad diet.

“I get hungry all the time. I never say, ‘Tomorrow I will try to look good for something.’

“It just doesn’t work that way for me. I have to suck it in a little tighter. I’m not that disciplined.”