Courteney hints at ‘Friends’ reunion

Former Friends star Courteney Cox says a reunion of the sitcom smash is unlikely – although she hasn’t ruled out the possibility completely.

“I don’t think so,” the 43-year-old told US Magazine when asked about the cast getting back together. “But I would never 100 per cent say no.”

And Courteney added that she imagined her character, Monica Geller, to now be ruling the roost in suburbia.

“She’s running her suburb and in charge of the PTA,” she suggested. “She’s driving Chandler crazy, and he’s probably driving her crazy too.”

Courteney now appears on the small screen as a ruthless tabloid editor in the drama series Dirt.

She was reunited with Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston when she made a guest appearance in the last series – but says that she has no plans to return to the show.

“She’s not coming back next season,” Cox revealed, “but the door is always open.”