Cowell: Cheryl rejected Britain’s Got Talent VIDEO

Before Cheryl Cole became X Factor‘s new judge, she was offered a judging role on Britain’s Got Talent, which she accepted then rejected, says Simon Cowell.

The Girls Aloud singer was offered the role BEFORE Amanda Holden and initially took it, but then had a change of heart and said no to the plum role.

Simon said: “I meet so many people and when somebody stands out, I know. So I offered her Britain’s Got Talent and she said yes, and then… blew me out!

“Amanda knows this. That’s not to say I’m not happy with Amanda because I love Amanda. So now I’ve got Amanda on Britain’s Got Talent and Cheryl on The X Factor.”

VIDEO: Click here to watch Simon Cowell discuss how Cheryl Cole got the job on The X Factor

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