New X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has hit out at Simon Cowell, accusing him of not letting her make up her own mind about auditionees.

The Girls Aloud singer let rip after the pair clashed over an act they had opposing views on.

While Cheryl loved the act, Simon dubbed it “sub-standard” – and fireworks duly erupted. “You don’t want to do this any more do you?” he asked her.

“I do,” she snapped back, “but it’s you, Simon – you are doing my head in.”

And she was similarly annoyed when Cowell was enthusiastic about an act that she had doubts about.

“I don’t have to give her a shot just because you’re telling me I have to,” Cheryl fumed when he tried to convince her the girl was ready for the show.

The scenes will be shown on Saturday’s edition of The X Factor, which will also screen further highlights from auditions up and down the country.

Meanwhile, fellow reality TV judges David and Carrie Grant have told the Mirror they are huge fans of Cheryl.

“I’m a huge Cheryl Cole fan, I think she’s amazing,” Carrie said. She’s a great singer, she’s a great looking woman and she’s feisty. I really like her.”

“I think she’s great,” David added, “and she’s got a good way of expressing an opinion. She’s a really positive addition to the show.