Cowell’s ex Terri: ‘The strangler was very scary’

Terri Seymour has spoken of the terror she felt when a crazed fan tried to choke her.

The US TV presenter was outside the American Idol studios after the show’s finale when Janice Thibodeaux – who was sentenced to three years’ probation after admitting misdemeanour battery – attacked her.

“It was very scary and this crazy woman came up to me and got me in a headlock and started strangling me, but I was lucky my producer was with me and he jumped in,” said Terri.

“She was arrested and it’s all fine now, but it wasn’t a very nice experience.”

Thibodeaux said the incident was retaliation for Terri’s ex Simon Cowell playfully choking fellow Idol judge Paula Abdul on the show a week earlier.

The presenter added that she and Simon are still good mates, and she has been enjoying the single life since their break-up.

“(We) speak every day – saw him on Saturday, saw his mum yesterday – we’re still very good friends,” she said.

“I’ve been on a few dates, but I haven’t met anybody. I am single still – I’m still single very much!”