Simon Cowell wouldn’t get anywhere with Britain’s Got Talent co-presenter Amanda Holden, it seems.

Amanda told the Sun that the 47-year-old falls a little short of her lofty standards.

“I trust Simon’s opinions but he wouldn’t get anywhere flirting with me,” the Wild At Heart star laughed. “He’s only 4ft! How can he flirt with me and be serious?”

The 35-year-old then stuck the boot in: “He wouldn’t dream of being seriously flirty. Have you seen his built up shoes?”

Amanda, who is engaged to record executive Chris Hughes, also said she wouldn’t take her daughter to work with her because of Simon’s attitude to children.

“I had a photo of her on my phone and Simon just said, ‘You’ve got dogs too, haven’t you? Have you got a picture of a dog?’,” she revealed, adding that she had nicknamed him The Child Catcher after the villain in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Expect sparks to fly in the ITV1 show which kicks off in June.