Axed X Factor contestant Craig Colton has revealed he can’t believe how much he’s changed since he first auditioned for the show, thanks to his healthy new lifestyle.

The 23-year-old singer – who was voted off the show on Sunday night – got help from mentor Gary Barlow’s personal nutritionist and has watched the weight drop off.

Craig said: “Week after week I could see the change and the weight loss, and I never realised it until I saw all the clips of my best bits.

“I think I’ve done well, and maybe not changed but just improved and I will continue to do that as well. This is a new healthier life and I’m going to continue with it. And the most important thing is I’m enjoying it. It’s not even a diet, it’s just healthy eating.”

But he vowed not to take it too far, joking “I love my food too much to disappear.”

Craig said he didn’t believe being up against fellow Liverpudlian Marcus Collins would have affected his vote.

He added: “Liverpool is used to splitting the votes between Liverpool FC and Everton, so its nothing new to us.

“I don’t think anyone was really safe last night. Everyone was told, ‘Prepare yourself for the bottom two’ because it was too close to call. People were saying it was a shock exit and I think next will be exactly the same. I don’t think there’s an actual favourite in this competition now because the way it’s going the favourites are in the bottom two.”

And Craig insisted, despite the rumours, there were no bad feelings between contestants.

He said: “I didn’t sense or see one bit of bitterness. Everyone supports each other and we all wait by the door when each person comes off.”