Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has called for another show like Top of the Pops to promote new British music.

“We need a programme like Top of the Pops again. This was a great thing that was always putting a great mix of new music before the public,” said Mr Burnham at the music industry conference In the City in Manchester.

BBC News reports the Labour MP for Leigh saying that broadcasters must ‘promote and champion new music in this country, rather than having just very safe options on prime-time TV’.

He continued that while talent shows like The X Factor were great, they were ‘not quite the same’ as promoting artists who wrote their own songs.

“I just worry a little that the relationship between primetime TV and radio and the music industry has at times become a little cosy. It’s relying on safe formats and not sufficiently putting out those new names that can then all of a sudden go from the margins right into national prominence.
“That was what was great about the past – The Smiths did become a national name, even though I can remember my dad moaning about them on Top of the Pops.”

Top of the Pops was axed in 2006, while programmes like Later… with Jools Holland on BBC Two and Transmission on Channel 4 are shown outside peak viewing hours.